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 Recycap® Technologies with its REcycap Automated Coffee Technology (REACT™) platform allows consumers to recycle their coffee aluminum capsules in the convenience of their homes – disposing the capsules in regular recycling bins.

Recently, Recycap developed and patented a system called REcycap Automated Coffee Technology (REACT™️) that allows the automatic emptying of coffee capsules without user intervention. The technique returns both the empty capsule and the remaining coffee material - thus offering a comfortable and effective solution to this serious environmental problem. Thanks to REACT™️, every capsule could automatically become easily mechanically recyclable and enter the conventional recycling circuit - without the need to transport them to a specialized recycling plant. All the consumers would have to do is simply dispose of them in corresponding containers - the empty capsule in the yellow container, while the coffee grounds would be disposed of in the organic container.

Recycap Technologies with its proprietary REcycap Automated Coffee Technology (REACT) platform, provides aluminum capsules recycling devices for the home, office and industrial plants. In addition, we are introducing the first home REACT fully integrated coffee machine with integrated automated capsule recycling capabilities to eliminate all the cumbersome current recycling steps for coffee capsules and make recycling as easy as possible, all without giving up the comfort and simplicity of one’s favorite coffee.