about us

Who We Are

Recycap Technologies S.L. 

Our mission is to empower consumers with knowledge, new technology, and tools to make sustainable choices that help protect our planet by providing new recycling options and tools for aluminum coffee capsules. Our Goal is to be the leading sustainable aluminum and coffee grounds recycling company in the world through innovation and patented recycling technologies.

REcycap Automated Coffee Technology

Recycap Technologies with its proprietary REcycap Automated Coffee Technology (REACT) platform, provides aluminum capsules recycling devices for the home, office and industrial plants. In addition, we are introducing the first home REACT home fully integrated coffee machine with integrated automated capsule recycling capabilities to eliminate all the cumbersome current recycling steps for coffee capsules and make recycling as easy as possible, all without giving up the comfort and simplicity of one’s favorite coffee.

The Global Coffee Capsule Market  

The company is targeting the global coffee capsule market valued at $12.33 billion - and growing at compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.2%.