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How to Manage Used Coffee Capsules Effectively

Every year more than seven billion coffee capsules are consumed worldwide.

Every year more than seven billion coffee capsules are consumed worldwide. In fact, 39,000 capsules are produced every minute - with almost 70% of them ending up in landfills.

To put it in perspective, there are 86,400 seconds in a day which equates to 161 million coffee capsules - or pods depending on preference. As such, every single second, 1,870 people have to make a choice about how to dispose of their capsules/pods.

In some cases, the capsules are thrown out in the general waste because coffee-drinkers are unaware that they are, in fact, recyclable. In other cases, coffee drinkers toss them in their everyday regular recycling bin. Still, in other cases, people will go the extra mile to place them in specialized recycling bags - if they’re even available in their country - until they have gathered enough of the spent capsules to warrant finding and then going to a specific place to drop them off.

For the average coffee user, it would be much easier to have the ability to recycle at home - easily discarding the clean aluminum capsule in their regular recycling bins.

Every aluminum capsule contains between 5 to 10 grams of used coffee. It is these used capsules that are the focus and core of business at Recycap Technologies. We are a social enterprise that aims to reduce the environmental impact of coffee capsule use by providing home, office and industrial recycling solutions for coffee capsule recycling.